Happy Fall Y'all

Though the calendar’s moved forward, the weather for the most part has stayed warm. EXCEPT for the days it felt cool in the morning and evening! Granted, it was only a few, but we have high hopes here in the South that cooler weather will prevail. At least a few times each day. Here at BuyWise, we have just started receiving some of the awesome pieces new to ASHLEY that we picked out just for you at Market this summer. The beautiful ASHLEY Olsberg sofa and loveseat is as soft and comfortable as it is stylish. It’s sure to make your living room stand out and will definitely have your friends oohing and aahing. One of the things we pride ourselves on here at BuyWise is making sure that all our inventory, whether it’s bedrooms, living rooms, or electronics and appliances are top of the line in terms of comfort and performance, and all our products in-store are ones we would have in our own homes. You can trust, and this is for real, that any sofa and loveseat you come in and sit on, will be comfortable. Our buyer makes sure of it! With the holidays just around the corner, we hope you will come in and see us for any and all of your home furnishing family needs.

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There is No Place Like Home

Warm winds and sunny days are what the South is all about right now. Cars lined up going to the beach, coolers full of good food and cold drinks, the radio blaring, these are the heralds that say summer’s almost here. Mother’s Day, high school graduations, Memorial Day, are things we have to look forward to. And we are! Some of our favorite moments so far involve long days catching rays and heading home to shower off the sand and get comfy in our living rooms for the evening.  Each of us here has a unique style and a wish list for a living space that’s a little bit different than the next. Some of us like traditional looks, some say it’s leather only, while others need the largest sectional possible to accommodate our families. Luckily for our customers, BuyWise carries a large variety of living room pieces to suit each of YOUR needs best. Because we know that for some of you, a sofa and loveseat means your teenagers will take whatever piece you’re not sitting on.  So if that makes you sad, we say go with a sectional!  (I did!) if it makes you smile, we have the nicest selection of sofas and loveseats just waiting for you in our store. For a lot of us, in our heads we’re already imagining exactly what the next few months will look and feel like. Cause summer’s on our doorstep, and we’re doing our happy dance! If you’re home doesn’t measure up to the picture you’re imagining, stop by and let us help you bring it into focus! We’re here for you.


A Bright Sun-shiny Day

Here in the South, winter is drawing to a close. Although we had a lot of brutally cold days this year, the last month has brought a lot of sunny days. There’s nothing like a weekend at the beach in February to make you do your happy dance.

Here at BuyWise, seeing and hearing from our customers about their experience in our stores has made US do a happy dance. There’s something really special about a customer saying, ‘This feels just like I’m shopping in a retail store,” or “I absolutely love this place!” that makes us feel like we’re doing something right. Read our reviews and you’ll see words like honest, quality, and great staff just to name a few. When we started this venture, those are words we laid at the foundation of who we wanted to be. It’s been just over a year, but we like where we are and where we’re going.

We are excited to offer you quality furniture and appliances, from Ashley to Crown Mark to Whirlpool and LG. Come in to any store and make yourself at home. Sit on our sofas (we promise they will be the most comfortable ones you will find in ANY rent-to-own furniture store), peer into our washers and refrigerators, take a seat in front of the TV wall. Take your time. Pieces like these are investments for your family and your home. We’re not going to rush you. Ask your questions. Join us on FB to see and hear what’s new in our stores. Need a rug? We have them, including the Dalyn line which is plush and heavy and really, really nice.  Need lamps to dress the place up a bit? We carry Ashley lamps, nice ones! There’s nothing to small we don’t have for you.

So come see us. We have everything you need to make your home shine!

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Happy New Year


2017 turned out to be a banner year for our brand-new company! BuyWise grew to have 4 stores in 2 states. We hired new employees, we accepted new and more varied vendors, and we took to the streets to introduce ourselves.

2018 promises to be even better. This year the trends suggest lots of fun and interesting looks for the home. The pros say natural looks and elements, like wood and natural textiles, will be making a huge impact. With our Million Dollar Rustic line of bedrooms, coffee table sets, and entertainment centers, all handmade wood from Mexico, in varying finishes from whitewashed to deep stains and washes, we are ready for it, and you! Experts say velvet is set to make a short appearance in 2018 with its plush fabric. While the look is distinct, the fabric isn’t always house friendly. Never fear! We give you the look of that without the headache with the help of lines we carry, like Ashley’s Navy LaVernia sofa/loveseat. What experts agree most among themselves is that warm neutrals will be making a big comeback this season. This is a definite swing away from the cooler colors that have saturated the market for the past few years. From bedrooms to many of our Ashley living room sets, we prove we couldn’t agree more by carrying colors from warm tans to deep rich browns not only in warm woods and fabrics, but in leather as well (that’s more of that textile trend you see coming). We hope that you will turn to us if you find yourself in need of anything for your home this year, whether it be furniture, appliances or even electronics. We are proud to be part of your communities and the hand we have in making your house a home. Happy New Year!

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Merry Christmas

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!  For us at BuyWise, no time is more exciting or full of fun than Christmas! Ah, December.  In no other month can you drink hot chocolate galore, sit cozy by a fire near your Christmas tree, or watch A Charlie Brown Christmas on TV without feeling guilty. That’s probably why in a lot of ways, December’s our fave! It also could be because our stores are filled with all the things your loved ones are dreaming about right now.  We have TVs in every size, from flat to curved, 32” up to 65”, laptops and desktops, for the student as well as the professional, gaming systems like the ever popular PS4 and Xbox, and all the games to go with them.  If you’re like us, and you love to watch all your old favorites, you can add the spectacular StreamSmart or Sky Stream to your TV purchases, and stream season after season of all your favorites, from Friends to Game of Thrones (which we personally do, haha). Is your wife wishing she had a new bedroom suit or a new washer/dryer? We have that too! We even carry purses, like the popular Michael Kors brand. Shopping for the whole family has never been easier! Look over the website and see what you’d like. Make your Christmas list. Or better yet, stop in to your local store, in Foley, Saraland, Pensacola and Pace, and check out all the great products we carry yourself. As always, we offer up to $4000 pre-approved with no credit check, free delivery, and excellent service. Come see why BuyWise is better! Merry Christmas!!

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Middle of Fall

Greetings from the deep South. It’s smack dab in the middle of fall, even though the temperatures still say summer. We’re lucky to have had a little cold snap this week, which really just means it’s cool in the morning. Even so, we’ll take it. Hard to believe we’re coming up on a year since our first store opened in Foley, Alabama. The store has grown by leaps and bounds over the past year and is still growing, thank you Jesus. Maybe it has to do with our philosophy of believing that YOU the customer deserve the very best. To that end, we carry top brands you know and love, like Ashley and LG and Samsung. Maybe it’s just that when you walk in our stores you might be fooled for a second into thinking you’re in a retail furniture store. Maybe it’s word of mouth. Whatever it is, we thank you and are thankful for all the business you bring and send our way. As far as furniture goes, this fall we are seeing a new trend in earth tones with Ashley’s sofa and loveseats, which frankly, we’re kind of digging.  We’ve stocked our stores with sofa/loves, chofa/loves (that’s a sofa with a chaise on one side), and even a few sofa and chair and a halfs. Those are pretty stellar and a fun way to change the look of your living space up a bit. (We don’t like being like anyone else either!) We’ve also expanded our vendor line, to include the awesome furniture companies Crown Mark and Progressive. You’ll see in our stores this fall the cutest dining 5pc set from Crown Mark, in that awesome rubbed black that never seems to go out of style. We also still carry the well-loved Million Dollar Rustic with handmade furniture from Mexico. We like to think that our variety appeals to each and every one of you. There’s something for everyone after all! Stop in and see us soon and let us know what we can do to make your home more of what you want it to be.

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The Dog Days of Summer

Greeting from the deep South! If you’re a local, you know that this summer is turning out to be a scorcher. Although the temps are hitting the high 90’s, the real feel is up in the 100’s. It seems as though the dog days of summer have officially arrived. You know what else’s arrived: the coolest products ever! Here at BuyWise, we have had a lot of fun choosing new products to bring to you. For the college kids heading off to school, the young newlyweds in their first apartment, or even the empty nesters, we have furniture especially scaled down in size just for you! Ashley makes a lot of smaller sofas/chair combos or loveseats if that’s your deal, that fit nicely in those smaller spaces and won’t break the bank! We love ASHLEY because their quality in living room furniture cannot be beat! When you buy quality products, you have the assurance and peace of mind knowing that they’re going to last. That’s specifically why you won’t see lower end products in any of our stores. We want you to have the good stuff!

We don’t just sell quality furniture, you know! Although summer’s still in session, school is fast approaching. For some of you, it’ll be starting in just 2 weeks! We carry awesome HP, Dell and Acer laptops and desk tops for the students who will be writing those dreaded book reports. If you or your teen are in need of a new phone, the stores have both Samsung and Apple iPhones. We try to stay relevant to today’s living so you can do everything you need in the way you want! At BuyWise, we refuse to settle for less, and we think you shouldn’t either!

Whether it’s on this website, on our FB pages, or through texts, we like to stay connected to you! We carry everything you need to build a home that’s cozy and comfortable, which we believe is so important in today’s hectic world. Stop in today to a store near you and see how we can help you achieve a home you’re happy to rest in!

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Starting Something New

We here at BuyWise are often guilty of spending too much time on the water, if that can really be a thing.  So, on our own personal FB feeds, you will catch a lot of pictures of sunsets and waves.  Some of our friends say maybe too much! Lol I’m telling you that to say, even though it seems like yesterday that we were opening stores 1 and 2, and it practically was, we have just opened our third store, in Pace, and are gearing up to open our fourth in Pensacola.  Yep, we did it again.  This may seem redundant to some of you, sort of like our sunset and boat pics are to our friends, but to us, it’s all brand new! At BuyWise, one of the things we’re most thankful for is the chance to create something amazing, from start to finish.  It’s the rare group who gets the chance to create their dream job or company from scratch.  We hope our enthusiasm and excitement over traveling this journey translates to you when you walk in our doors. This spring, as the plants start blooming and the birds are chirping each morning, we are sipping our coffee and pouring over catalogs, looking for new vendors and new ideas, just for YOU. We are offering gorgeous new bedrooms now from Crown Mark, beds and dressers with basket weave in the richest browns and stately antique oversized furniture in rubbed black.  We still carry our best seller Ashley’s Trinell bedroom, from their ultra hip Urban Foundry line, along with other great pieces. On our floor, the loveliest living room sets and home furnishings reside, as well as other great products, from lamps to dining and children’s rooms from vendors we know and love, from  Ashley to Whirlpool with everything in between! We really hope you’ll come down and see what’s new, and why we are growing leaps and bounds. We’ll be looking for you!

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Out with the old and In with the NEW

Foley smiley

Wow, 2016 flew by!! Here at BuyWise, we had an exciting kick off to our new company. 2016 saw us opening stores in November in Foley, AL as well as one in Saraland, AL in December. We marched, well drove haha, in Christmas parades in both towns and threw fun Christmas parties, complete with giveaways and SANTA! We threw contests, from giving away a lovely Ashley recliner to one lucky family winning a beach photography session with the fabulous Shelley Patterson! We also grew over 1,000 followers on Facebook (you can find & follow us at BuyWise fb icon or BuyWise Saraland fb icon ). So THAT was all pretty exciting, right? We knew from the start that BuyWise should stand out, so we made it a point to fill our store with product that speaks to us. We believe with all our hearts that you guys deserve nice stuff! We’ve heard over and over that we don’t “look like a regular rent-to-own store.” You guys, we take that as a compliment! This month we’re running a special promotion where $1 a day rents you virtually anything in the store. (See store manager for details!) Like many of you, we are setting goals for the New Year. We are making our own resolutions. One of them is to grow the company, so look for us to open more stores this year. We want to work smarter and better, and be the only store you think of when you are contemplating renting ANYTHING. We want to be your ‘go to’ guys. smiley Think we can do it? We do! Come join us this year on our journey and see where we go.

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It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas


It’s the most wonderful time of the year! 2016 seems to have flown by; December was here before we could blink. Did it feel that way to you? I think there’s something about all the people rushing to and fro, Christmas lights on houses and downtown streets, and the Charlie Brown Christmas tune playing in department stores that make the heart glad. Here at Buywise, we’ve had a busy season. What started as a dream materialized into 2 wonderful stores, with more on the way! There is something wonderful about watching a business materialize out of thin air, a beautiful store out of pegboard and concrete floors. It feels almost, like magic. If you haven’t made it down to our stores yet, you really should. We promise it won’t be like any other rent to own store you’ve ever seen. We have heard repeatedly, “It looks like a retail store.” That makes us proud! The idea from the beginning for us was to create an idea, a feeling, of what real rooms could look like in your home. Rent to own furniture doesn’t have to mean mediocre, or good enough. You deserve great things! Beautiful things. You do! Our furniture, while being affordable, is also really lovely. We would be proud to have it in our homes. In fact, some of us do! This holiday season, visit us at Buywise for a large selection of awesome Christmas gifts, from PS4s & Xbox Ones, to tablets and computers, to that brand new living room set you’ve been wanting for ages.  Do something nice for yourself! You’re worth it.

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