It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas


It’s the most wonderful time of the year! 2016 seems to have flown by; December was here before we could blink. Did it feel that way to you? I think there’s something about all the people rushing to and fro, Christmas lights on houses and downtown streets, and the Charlie Brown Christmas tune playing in department stores that make the heart glad. Here at Buywise, we’ve had a busy season. What started as a dream materialized into 2 wonderful stores, with more on the way! There is something wonderful about watching a business materialize out of thin air, a beautiful store out of pegboard and concrete floors. It feels almost, like magic. If you haven’t made it down to our stores yet, you really should. We promise it won’t be like any other rent to own store you’ve ever seen. We have heard repeatedly, “It looks like a retail store.” That makes us proud! The idea from the beginning for us was to create an idea, a feeling, of what real rooms could look like in your home. Rent to own furniture doesn’t have to mean mediocre, or good enough. You deserve great things! Beautiful things. You do! Our furniture, while being affordable, is also really lovely. We would be proud to have it in our homes. In fact, some of us do! This holiday season, visit us at Buywise for a large selection of awesome Christmas gifts, from PS4s & Xbox Ones, to tablets and computers, to that brand new living room set you’ve been wanting for ages.  Do something nice for yourself! You’re worth it.

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