October BuyWise Blog

                It’s fall y’all! We’ve been waiting for the first day of fall, and it’s finally come. It’s still burning hot, but fall’s here. I don’t know about you, but here at Buywise, we love us some fall.  You finally get to start wearing your favorite pair of blue jeans after months of summer heat, the kids get out of your hair and head back to school, and need we say it, it’s football time!! Here at Buywise, our employees root for different teams: we have Alabama fans, Auburn fans, LSU and Gator fans, just to name a few. But we’re also fans of a good deal.  We have some great product in our stores right now, in all the fall colors you know and love. Ashley has come out with a great line-up with rich, fall colors you will have to see to believe. We have love seats and sectionals in colors that range from taupe to rich browns, with accent pillows that contain every color you can think of, including beautiful oranges and yellows. The cool thing about Ashley is, they’ve already determined which table, rugs, and lamps look good with which furniture. And at Buywise, we’ve set it up where all you have to do is come in and say, “I’ll take this whole room.” Easy peasy. Which leaves you more time for watching TV on family night or football with friends, and less on wondering why your new sofa and loveseat don’t look as cute at home as they did in the pictures. Come in to any location and see for yourself. Remember, be smart and Buywise. Go team!!