The holidays are upon us!

The holidays are upon us! It’s that time of year when shopping commences in full force and families are sharing meals and exchanging gift ideas. We celebrated lovely Thanksgiving meals with our families and had the day to enjoy it. The BuyWise stores are now set with all the gift items you could need. From PS4’s to new TV’s, laptops to sound systems, and all the home furnishings one could want, we are stocked and looking forward to YOU stopping by. We have the latest looks from ASHLEY in living rooms and bedrooms, with sofas and loveseats you will find hard to locate anywhere else. Our 12 DAYS OF GIVEAWAYS, which we are super excited about, starts December 10th. We’ll be giving away lots of great gifts you’d be happy to share, including LANE recliners, TV’s, mattress sets, and more. It’s going to be lots of fun, so be on the lookout via FACEBOOK for the giveaways to start.

A Bright Sun-shiny Day

Here in the South, winter is drawing to a close. Although we had a lot of brutally cold days this year, the last month has brought a lot of sunny days. There’s nothing like a weekend at the beach in February to make you do your happy dance.

Merry Christmas

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!  For us at BuyWise, no time is more exciting or full of fun than Christmas! Ah, December.  In no other month can you drink hot chocolate galore, sit cozy by a fire near your Christmas tree, or watch A Charlie Brown Christmas on TV without feeling guilty. That’s probably why in a lot of ways, December’s our fave!

The Dog Days of Summer

Greeting from the deep South! If you’re a local, you know that this summer is turning out to be a scorcher. Although the temps are hitting the high 90’s, the real feel is up in the 100’s. It seems as though the dog days of summer have officially arrived. You know what else’s arrived: the coolest products ever! Here at BuyWise, we have had a lot of fun choosing new products to bring to you. For the college kids heading off to school, the young newlyweds in their first apartment, or even the empty nesters, we have furniture especially scaled down in size just for you! Ashley makes a lot of smaller sofas/chair combos or loveseats if that’s your deal, that fit nicely in those smaller spaces and won’t break the bank! We love ASHLEY because their quality in living room furniture cannot be beat!

Starting Something New

We here at BuyWise are often guilty of spending too much time on the water, if that can really be a thing.  So, on our own personal FB feeds, you will catch a lot of pictures of sunsets and waves.  Some of our friends say maybe too much! Lol I’m telling you that to say, even though it seems like yesterday that we were opening stores 1 and 2, and it practically was, we have just opened our third store, in Pace, and are gearing up to open our fourth in Pensacola.  Yep, we did it again.  This may seem redundant to some of you, sort of like our sunset and boat pics are to our friends, but to us, it’s all brand new!

October BuyWise Blog

                It’s fall y’all! We’ve been waiting for the first day of fall, and it’s finally come. It’s still burning hot, but fall’s here. I don’t know about you, but here at Buywise, we love us some fall.  You finally get to start wearing your favorite pair of blue jeans after months of summer heat, the kids get out of your hair and head back to school, and need we say it, it’s football time!! Here at Buywise, our employees root for different teams: we have Alabama fans, Auburn fans, LSU and Gator fans, just to name a few. But we’re also fans of a good deal.  We have some great product in our stores right now, in all the fall colors you know and love. Ashley has come out with a great line-up with rich, fall colors you will have to see to believe.