Tim Jastrzembski

Meet Tim Jastrzembski. We are super excited and lucky we snagged Tim for our new Pensacola location.  Although Tim has been in rent-to-own ten years, you may recognize him from managing any numbers of stores in the Nine Mile Rd area over the last 20 years! Yep, just around Nine Mile! Now, let’s play ‘5 questions with Tim.’ Q Coke or Pepsi? T Neither, I prefer water. Whaaa?? Ok, try again. Q Where would you go in a time machine? T Back to the 60’s. (Awkward) Q What’s your dream vacation? T: Traveling Europe, like all of it. (Us too, Tim!) Q: What’s your favorite way to relax? T: Being outside in nature, like hiking. Q: What’s one of your favorite songs? T: I don’t want to sound cheesy, because I like a lot of music, (yeah yeah) but Prince’s When Doves Cry is one of them. Bazinga! Come see Tim! .

Manager Pensacola, FL



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