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BuyWise Home Furnishings: Rent to Own Furniture, Appliances, Electronics and More!

The Buywise
Worry Free
100% Satisfaction
Take Back Control
No Credit Needed**

No credit? No problem. Just make small payments on your path to ownership. Choose from weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly, and monthly payment options.

90 Days Same as Cash**

Own it in the first 90 Days and you’ll pay only the cash price.

Early Purchase Discount

Even after your 90 Days same-as-cash period has ended, you’ll save on your remaining total when you choose to own your item early. No penalties, no extra fees – you’re in total control of how much you save and when you reach ownership.

Competitor Price Match**

We are committed to offering you the best deal possible. That’s why we’ll match any rent-to-own competitor’s price on the same, in-stock item.

No-Hassle Delivery and Set-up**

Shop elsewhere and you’ll likely pay a hefty fee to get your new product home, and then you’re left to set it up on your own. At Buywise, you can relax. Your item will be professionally delivered and set up at no extra charge** – on the same day in most cases.

Shop without the restrictions big-box retailers put on you and your budget. With the BuyWise No-Hassle Guarantee, enjoy the power to get the things you want, pay the way you can afford and live life on your terms: